Vennesla Library & Culture Center (Rendered Movie Clip)



Vennesla Library & Cultural Center, designed by Helen & Hard, is locate in the south of Norway at the Vennesla Komune.

This a 3d model created for the new release of Archicad 16, this model demonstrates the power of the new Morph Tool that will be included in the new release of Archicad.

Utilizing RENDERLights we were able to demonstrate in real-time a quick and effective way to visualize how the light bounces throughout the rib structure. 

This animation and upload to YouTUBE took less than one hour to create, of course some preparations and some good materials where needed prior to rendering stage.

Virtual reality give us the opportunity to explore and understand in depth the complexities of the new modern architecture, and the challenges faced on the construction of such a innovative design.

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:: 유튜브, Misterdemo2010